Picture of Shed No. 1 for 2009

January 24, 2009

Ain’t it a cute little bugger?shed1

On the Board in ’09!

Took a four-hour hike today. I know a guy who found three sheds this week, so I thought I’d better try my luck, although I never find any sheds till later in the year. I was probably 3 hours into the trip and was heading back to the truck when I spotted a small buck that had shed both antlers. (I could tell because I got 15 yards from him and he just kept eating.) His pedicles were already healed over. There was no blood. Apparently he had shed some time ago. I took some pics, then continued on. My dad called and as I was talking with him, I swung in by a pine tree for a look, and gleaming in the sunlight was shed number one of the year! It’s just a small fork, but man was I thrilled! This is the earliest I’ve ever found a shed. Made a long hike worthwhile. I was so excited I forgot that there was a camera hanging around my neck and I took a pic with my cell phone instead! The little shed was so smooth, I just had to take my gloves off and hold it (a little crazy, I know!) I kept my gloves off the rest of the trip, even though the high was in the single digits today. I also saw a robin today. I have no idea what it was doing around here at this time of year. Stay focused and good luck! The best is yet to come!

January Sparring!

January 18, 2009

I didn’t get out looking for antlers today, but I found some anyway! Ok, they weren’t sheds, but I watched at least 6 bucks today in a herd of more than 20 deer in Duluth, MN. Four of those bucks were sparring, and all 6 still had both antlers! Our rut ended two months ago, but I’ve seen sparring in January before.  It’s certainly not unheard of, although these deer weren’t vying for mates. Their antlers were obviously still firmly attached, although I know of one person who has already found a shed in Duluth this year. It’s fascinating how some deer retain their antlers for months longer than others. Although some sheds have certainly dropped, it’ll be about a month yet before the bucks really start shedding here. Good luck!

January 17, 2009

Jan. 17

I got out for a little over 2 hours today. I just realized how out of shape I am! I saw 7 deer, one of which was an antlered buck. No sheds found. I thought it was interesting how my deer hunting has carried over into my shed hunting. This year I shot my first deer still-hunting and my first deer tracking. I got pretty good at seeing deer before they saw me. This morning I noticed I was looking at deer level instead of ground level when I started off. I had to retrain myself to look at the ground. But I did sneak up on a couple deer before they saw me. Hope to get back out very soon during this warm spell. It had been below zero here for about 4 days straight! Good luck!

Hi shed seekers!

January 14, 2009

Welcome to my new shed hunting blog. I will be updating this blog hopefully every time I go out shed hunting. Follow along with my progress throughout the season. So far it has been a slow start to my shed hunting. I have been out on just one scouting mission on Jan. 4. I spotted two bucks: a basket 6 and a basket 8 and they were both clinging pretty tightly to those antlers. We have a lot of snow here in northwestern Wisconsin, so I won’t be looking too much until it starts to melt. Stay tuned!