Lots of Stuff Going on, But the Deer Aren’t Cooperating

February 25, 2013

Hi Shedheads,

Well, it’s really about that time. There has been a lot going on lately. Sounds like a lot of people are finding sheds. Congrats to Sean and Michael, who emailed me pics of their antlers in the last few days. I am starting to think the deer around here have forgotten that they’re supposed to let me have their antlers. I have been watching 5 bucks, all of which are holding tight. I’ve gotten some videos of them and am dying to post them, but I want to wait until these bucks drop. There are other people in this area gunning for their sheds too and I don’t want other people to know where I’m looking. Shed hunters can be really cutthroat. I’ve been backstabbed before. Public land sheds are fair game for anyone who finds them, but I suspect there are a few locals who follow my blog just to try to figure out where I’m going. That’s the ugly side of shed hunting. Ok, enough of that rant. Lots going on. Reprinting the Shed Hunting book again. I honestly am not sure how many times it’s been, but that’s exciting. Got some big trips in the works. Possibly some really big things in the works, but I can’t say much until I know more details. Right now we still have a lot of snow. Got about 4 inches again late last week, but this week has been warm and things are getting soft and slushy. Any sheds that aren’t in a bed or in a trail will be invisible for a while. I have actually walked quite a bit lately but have come up empty every time and it’s getting frustrating, especially when other people are finding them. The icing on the cake was an email I got from my friend Dave yesterday. Dave is not a shed hunter at all. But as luck would have it, he was snowmobiling down this logging road to go ice fishing on some secret trout hole and there was a moose antler right in the road! I have decided some people are just lucky, and it’s definitely not me! Good luck to all of you out there. And if you’ve got some luck to spare, send it my way!


Dave with his logging road moose shed.

Dave with his logging road moose shed.


February 14, 2013



February 10, 2013

We are getting socked with snow, even as I type this! It didn’t start till around noon though, so I went for a pretty hard walk this morning. Right off the bat I saw two bucks with full racks! That makes it tough! Snow was deep already. It was over my boots. That makes looking easy. You walk down trails and check beds. If you kick anything, check it out! Who knows how many you miss though! The nice thing about the pre-snowstorm shed hunt is it covers your tracks. You can get out there, see where deer are, maybe find a shed and your tracks are gone tomorrow. That’s important when there’s competition. I don’t like looking when there’s that much snow on the ground. I don’t want to push deer around and make it hard on them. My walk this morning was in an urban area replete with hiking trails, so the deer see people on a daily basis and don’t totally freak out over a human encounter. I don’t like to bug the rural deer because they are really fighting for their lives. I wouldn’t call it a harsh winter so far, just back to normal after some pretty weak ones. We’re getting about an inch of snow an hour today, (up to about 4 or so at the moment) and the wind is nasty. Earlier I could see about 100 yards but it has cleared up a little bit. No sheds today but I know where four potential sheds should be one of these days now. Can’t wait till April! Good luck!


Winter Patterns

February 8, 2013

Well, I wish I had some shed pics to share with you, but I don’t. We are now firmly entrenched in winter. It was a little slow in coming this year. We had a pretty mild December with little snow and generally warm temperatures, but January was much colder. Finally, in late January we got some snow and it has kept coming, with about 4 inches yesterday and up to a foot in the next couple days. Earlier in the winter, deer were not in their winter patterns here, which means they could be anywhere, making shed hunting that much harder. The deer have now grouped up, so bucks with remaining antlers should be easier to find, although some shed before entering their wintering areas. With all this snow and the cold (we hit -33 earlier this week!) I haven’t been shed hunting at all, although I’ve been ice fishing like crazy. All I can say is bring on April! Good luck to those of you who are searching! Oh, p.s., check out the tips video I made for Legendary Whitetails at