Go Shed Hunting

Joe Shead Outdoors

Join Joe Shead, founder of Go Shed Hunting and author of Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-Tailed Deer Antlers, on his outdoor adventures as he looks for shed antlers, reels in fish or pursues ducks, deer and other game. Learn valuable tips (along with some terrible jokes) and enjoy the outdoor life!

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How to Care for Your Shed Hunter

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Brady Finds a Shed ...Eventually

Even though this shed antler was planted, the acting was real. He really walked right past it!

Rare Find While Moose Shed Hunting

In episode 1 of Shed-Ventures, Joe Shead, founder of Go Shed Hunting, goes shed hunting for moose antlers and makes a once in a lifetime discovery! 

Western Shed-Venture DVD Trailer

Join Dan Hess and Joe Shead on their search for trophy whitetail, mule deer and elk antlers in Montana and Idaho. These two recognized, midwestern shed authorities head west for some pack-filling, bone collecting. Tune in as they pile up hundreds of sheds and tour two amazing shed collections not to be missed! Click Shop to purchase the Western Shed-Venture DVD. 

Go Shed Hunting DVD Trailer

Travel along for a season of shed hunting with Joe Shead, author of Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-Tailed Deer Antlers. In this DVD, Joe takes you on a journey through the late-winter and spring forests, looking for white-tailed deer antlers entirely on public land. Watch as Joe picks up a record-class whitetail shed, finds a large moose antler, and even chips an ancient whitetail shed out of the ice! Click Shop to purchase the Go Shed Hunting DVD.