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Our Mission

shed hunting, shed hunting tips, deer shed hunting, antler shed hunting, deer shed
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Go Shed Hunting was founded to educate outdoors-minded people about the sport of shed antler hunting. Founded by Joe Shead in 2006, Go Shed Hunting’s sole purpose is to help people find more sheds. Go Shed Hunting is also a place where shed hunters can ask questions about the sport and share photos of their success.

Our Products

Shed Hunting Book, Go Shed Hunting, Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-Tailed Deer Antlers

Go Shed Hunting offers books and DVDs to help you become a more successful shed hunter. Want to find more sheds? Author and veteran shed hunter Joe Shead can show you how! 

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Your Stories

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Go Shed Hunting wouldn't be a success without you, so we want to show off your finds! Starting in 2020, we will begin featuring your photos on our website as Go Shed Hunting's Shed Hunter of the Month.  Not only will we feature your photo, Joe will contact you for an interview! 

Brady Finds a Shed ...Eventually

Even though this shed antler was planted, the acting was real. He really walked right past it!

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What is Shed Hunting?

Members of the deer family are the only animals that grow and discard body parts on an annual basis. Male deer, elk and moose (and both male and female caribou) grow antlers on their heads beginning in the spring. By summer the antlers are fully grown. In fall, bucks and bulls use their antlers to fight rival males and attract mates. In winter or early spring, the antlers are shed and new antlers begin to grow. These bony treasures are beautiful and highly coveted by some folks. Best of all, they are free for the taking … if you can find them. Each winter and spring, thousands of people take to the fields and forests to look for these naturally shed antlers. For many, looking for sheds is like a treasure hunt. Although walking through the woods and staring at the ground may seem like a silly way to spend your time, the thrill of finding one of these bony appendages keeps people coming back for more.

Finding a fresh antler while shed hunting is exciting!

Finding a fresh antler while shed hunting is exciting!

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Best Deer Shed Contest Winner

Joe Dambroten

We hosted our first photo contest in December and had a blast seeing all of the entries! 

Check out the winning photo! Joe's son, Rowdy, found this matched set in Minnesota!

Joe Shead Outdoors

Subscribe to my YouTube channel, Joe Shead Outdoors, and join me on my outdoor adventures as I look for shed antlers, reel in fish or pursue ducks, deer and other game. I focus heavily on shed hunting, traveling in search of antlers from North American big game, and you're invited to ride along as I chase fish and hunt for a variety of game, too. Learn valuable tips (along with some terrible jokes) and enjoy the outdoor life!

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