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Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-Tailed Deer Antlers

Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-Tailed Deer Antlers is the first and only book fully devoted to the increasingly popular hobby of looking for naturally shed antlers from deer and other antlered game.

This how-to book covers the biology of how antlers grow and ultimately shed. More importantly, it teaches the reader where to look for shed whitetail antlers and how to find them. The book even touches on how to train your dog to find deer antlers!

The 160-page, fully illustrated book features more than 75 black-and-white photos. The book discusses the fascinating processes of antler growth and shedding. You'll also learn where to look for antlers, which areas contain bucks during late winter and early spring and how to find places with high deer populations that are off-limits to deer hunting. The book also includes information on necessary equipment, how to deal with competition from other shed hunters and what to do with your sheds, once you've found them. After reviewing the easy-to-read chapters, readers will have a basic idea of how to find antlers on their own.

The book is written by Joe Shead, a freelance outdoor writer, former managing editor of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine and a passionate shed hunter. Joe has found whitetail sheds from Alabama to Saskatchewan. His pursuits of antlers from mule deer, elk, moose and caribou have taken him across the Rockies and from northern Minnesota to Alaska's North Slope.

Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-tailed Deer Antlers by Joe Shead
Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-tailed Deer Antlers by Joe Shead

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White-tailed deer annually shed their antlers. They are free for the finding for those who seek them. Author and shed hunter Joe Shead can show you how! 


If you want to catch a fish, you don't just start casting blindly. You fish along weeds, rocks, or other structure. It's the same with shed hunting. Once you figure out where deer feed and bed, and how they move across the landscape, finding sheds becomes much easier. 

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Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-Tailed Deer Antlers

If you've never found a shed antler but have always wanted to, this book will show you how. If you're a veteran antler seeker, Joe's deer shed hunting tips and tricks will help you perfect your craft.

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Go Shed Hunting DVD

Travel along for a season of shed hunting with Joe Shead, author of Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-Tailed Deer Antlers. In this DVD, Joe takes you on a journey through the late-winter and spring forests, looking for white-tailed deer antlers entirely on public land. With each find, Joe takes a moment to describe where the antler was found and why he was searching in that particular area to give viewers insights to help them become more successful shed hunters.