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Go Shed Hunting was founded to educate outdoors-minded people about the sport of shed antler hunting. Founded by Joe Shead in 2006, Go Shed Hunting’s sole purpose is to help people find more sheds. Go Shed Hunting is also a place where shed hunters can ask questions about the sport and share photos of their success.

Our Products

Our Products

Our Products

Shed Hunting Book, Go Shed Hunting, Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-Tailed Deer Antlers

Go Shed Hunting offers books and DVDs to help you become a more successful shed hunter. Want to find more sheds? Author and veteran shed hunter Joe Shead can show you how! 

Scroll further for more information about the book Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-Tailed Deer Antlers

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How to find more deer sheds, shed hunting, deer antlers, moose antlers, Go Shed Hunting, shed hunt

Go Shed Hunting wouldn't be a success without you, so we want to show off your finds! Starting in 2020, we will begin featuring your photos on our website as Go Shed Hunting's Shed Hunter of the Month.  Not only will we feature your photo, Joe will contact you for an interview! 

Buckeye Sportsman - Dan Armitage Interviews Joe Shead

outdoors today, shed hunting interview, deer shed antlers, shed hunting tips, Joe Shead

Joe was recently interviewed by Dan Armitage from Buckeye Sportsman on the topic of shed hunting. Click below to hear the interview and learn some great tips to help you find more shed antlers!

Dan Armitage, host of Buckeye Sportsman, is one of the state’s best-known outdoor writers, with articles appearing in numerous outdoor magazines, including Outdoor Life, In-Fisherman and Field & Stream as well as in various statewide periodicals including Ohio Game & Fish, Ohio’s Country Journal and AAA’s Home & Away magazines. Buckeye Sportsman airs on dozens of stations statewide that distribute the program every weekend. The program is now in its 22nd season on the air, making it the longest-running outdoor radio show in the state.

What is Shed Hunting?

Members of the deer family are the only animals that grow and discard body parts on an annual basis. Male deer, elk and moose (and both male and female caribou) grow antlers on their heads beginning in the spring. By summer the antlers are fully grown. In fall, bucks and bulls use their antlers to fight rival males and attract mates. In winter or early spring, the antlers are shed and new antlers begin to grow. These bony treasures are beautiful and highly coveted by some folks. Best of all, they are free for the taking … if you can find them. Each winter and spring, thousands of people take to the fields and forests to look for these naturally shed antlers. For many, looking for sheds is like a treasure hunt. Although walking through the woods and staring at the ground may seem like a silly way to spend your time, the thrill of finding one of these bony appendages keeps people coming back for more.

Finding a fresh antler while shed hunting is exciting!

Finding a fresh antler while shed hunting is exciting!

Shed Hunting Tips

How in the world do you find an antler? To a beginning shed hunter, the idea of walking through the woods and finding an antler no doubt seems daunting. But shed hunting is like fishing: you don’t show up at a lake and just start casting blindly if you want to catch a fish. Instead, you look for rocks, weeds, logs or other structure that provide cover for fish. In effect, you’re looking for areas that concentrate fish to up your odds. It’s the same with shed hunting. During the winter and early spring shedding period, bucks and bulls do two basic things: they eat and rest. So naturally, food sources and bedding areas are where you’ll find most sheds. Food sources vary depending on the species and the area. They could be agricultural crops, natural forest browse or even a crab apple tree in an urban setting. This is where scouting and legwork come in. To be successful, you’ll have to spend some time observing animals and following their tracks to see where they spend their time and what they eat. It’s the same with finding bedding areas. Sometimes deer bed in thick brush. Other times they rest in coniferous forests. You might even find them bedding on top of a hill. It all depends on what type of cover is available to them and how harsh the winter weather is. Finding sheds, at the most basic level, boils down to finding a buck’s feeding and bedding areas. Once you’ve located these general areas, you can fine-tune your approach to find the X, so to speak. The biggest thing is to pay attention to the sign around you. It will tell you a lot about how the animals move around. If you’re a careful observer, in time, you’ll get a feel for how deer move across their habitat, which will help you find more sheds. With experience, you’ll learn which trees deer prefer to bed under and even which side they bed under (it’s almost always the south side). It’s this attention to detail that will really help you in your hunt for sheds. There are so many little nuances and intricacies about deer movements and shed location that you could literally fill a book with them. Shed hunting is much more than a blind walk through the woods. Pay attention to details and the sheds will come.

Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-Tailed Deer Antlers

"Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-Tailed Deer Antlers" is the first book dedicated entirely to shed hunting. The 160-page book is an in-depth guide that teaches you how to find naturally shed white-tailed deer antlers. The book is written by Joe Shead, a former managing editor of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine and a passionate shed hunter. Joe has found sheds from Alabama to Saskatchewan and draws on his knowledge of whitetails from both behind the desk and in the field to teach you how to find antlers.

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Reader Reviews

The Author

Joe Shead

Joe Shead (and yes, it’s really pronounced like “shed”) is a hard-core outdoorsman and a dedicated shed hunter. Professionally, Joe is an outdoor writer and a former managing editor of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine. Today, he freelances for many outdoor publications, writing stories about hunting, fishing and of course, shed hunting. His years of shed hunting experience inspired him to write the first full-length book about the topic. Shed Hunting: A Guide to Finding White-Tailed Deer Antlers is recognized as the ultimate guide to finding whitetail sheds. He followed up his book with two DVDs: the original Go Shed Hunting DVD and the Western Shed-Venture DVD.  Joe began shed hunting in his home state of Wisconsin for whitetail antlers, but his passion for shed hunting has led him across North America. He’s found whitetail sheds in several Midwestern states, mule deer sheds in the Rockies, elk antlers in Idaho and Saskatchewan, moose sheds in Alaska and Minnesota and even caribou sheds above the Arctic Circle in Alaska. Although he started out looking for whitetail sheds, these days, he spends much of his time looking for moose antlers in Minnesota.

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Moose antler found by Joe while shed hunting in Minnesota.

Joe Shead Outdoors

Subscribe to my YouTube channel, Joe Shead Outdoors, and join me on my outdoor adventures as I look for shed antlers, reel in fish or pursue ducks, deer and other game. I focus heavily on shed hunting, traveling in search of antlers from North American big game, and you're invited to ride along as I chase fish and hunt for a variety of game, too. Learn valuable tips (along with some terrible jokes) and enjoy the outdoor life!

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