Pretty much done

May 19, 2010

Well it’s getting pretty green out there. I got out a little bit this past weekend looking. Didn’t find anything, but I did see a nice bull moose. I’d say his antlers were 24 to 30 inches wide, and that’s on May 15. I think he’s gonna be a big fella! Good to see! Also saw a couple black bears that day, but no sheds. There are a couple places I should maybe hit around home yet, but I don’t know if I’ll get around to it. It’s been a good season. By far my highest total, thanks to my two trips out west, although I wish I could have done more looking around home. Next year for sure! Leaving for Alaska here in a few short days and this year I really want to find both caribou and moose sheds up there. I will be looking, and that’s a promise! I’ll post pics if I find anything. Have a great summer and fall everyone, and thanks for following along!


Good to be Home, Part 3

May 8, 2010

Wednesday night, after shed hunting, I was texting with my friend Sam Bartz. Sam has been trying to find a moose shed. He was out last weekend, saw plenty of sign, but no sheds. He was planning to go again this weekend, while I was planning to go in the morning. It didn’t take long to convince him to come up and join me. Plans were set to meet at 9 a.m. The next morning, at 4:30 a.m., I got a text from Sam saying, “I couldn’t sleep, I’m already here.” Talk about being excited to go shed hunting! So we met at 5. I told him I’d take him to a place where I’d found a moose shed in the past, but couldn’t make any promises. We hit the woods. We walked in on a road, split up, and a minute later, Sam yells that he found moose droppings. Good sign. Seconds later he yells, “there’s a shed!” I couldn’t believe it! Sure enough, laying there on the ground was a frost-covered moose shed. This one isn’t too big and is probably a year old, but it has excellent color and is just a beautiful shed. It’s even more beautiful when it’s someone’s first moose shed! I decided I’d better go back to the truck for the GPS so we don’t get lost. By the time I got back to Sam, Sam had another shed! This was a really nice moose paddle, but it was white and probably 5 years old. What a beast of a shed though! Sam was on fire! Two sheds in less than an hour! We hit a dry spell after that. We found one cow skeleton and shortly after that, I saw what looked like a shed out in the middle of a clearcut. I had to walk closer to confirm it. It was! This one is also small. It’s also old and faded and either a bear or wolf decided to take a bite out of it. Around noon, Sam decided he was satisfied with his day and he had to get home for other obligations. I took an hour break, then walked till 7 p.m. hoping to find a match or another shed but came up empty. What a memorable day though. I know Sam will never forget it. He was one happy guy and I’m glad I got to share the moment with him.

Good to be Home, Part 2

On Wednesday I got out in one of my all-time favorite spots. I’m usually pretty confident I can find one there. I can’t say that about too many places, realistically. I did find a small fork, but after several hours, that was it. Content that I didn’t get skunked in my hotspot, I headed to a new area I’ve never searched before. This is a clearcut that’s about 5 years old. I didn’t know if it would hold deer or moose. I walked across the cut and found only one pile of deer droppings. I also found very little evidence of browsing. I walked to the corner, and then turned around to get out of there. It didn’t look too productive. As I turned, I saw a couple scattered balsam fir trees right on the south edge of the forest. I decided it was worth a look, and was floored when I found a 5-point whitetail shed. Considering how little deer sign there was, this was pretty surprising. I looked for the match quickly, then got the heck out of there. I’m sure there were other sheds, but this place was too vast and there was too little sign to make it worth the effort. The 5-point side was fresh, but a squirrel had already found it. Apparently there are more squirrels there than deer. Stay tuned for Part 3. It’s exciting!

Good to be Home, Part 1

May 7, 2010

I’m spoiled and I know it. I have experienced some incredible shed hunting this year, and I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve had. But ya know what? I’m so glad to be home. I haven’t shed hunted around here since March 2, which means I’ve really missed the core shed hunting season. April, then March, are always my best months, and I missed them. Boy did I miss them! So I got out for a few days this week in one of my favorite place. Tuesday I decided to visit my deer hunting spot. About 100 yards from where I sit I spotted a skull. It was super wide and I knew right away it was a big buck. I flipped it over and confirmed that it was a shed-out buck. As I turned around to resume walking, BAM, there’s a shed. I’d have never seen it if I hadn’t looked at the skull. It’s a 5-point side. I cannot tell you, after two months of travel, how great it felt to find a shed again on my home turf! Obviously I compared the base of the shed to the base of the skull. Despite the close proximity, I don’t think it’s the same deer. The shed base is very round while the skull is teardrop shaped. Baffling. After that I poked around a bit. I pride myself on my good sense of direction, but here I was, not 200 yards from where I hunt, and I got turned around twice! Oops! Managed to stumble on a tiny fork antler in the process though, so it’s all good. 2 sheds, 2 hours, man, it’s good to be home!